Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calais update 2010

Well we now hold the keys in our hands to a building for our soon to be meeting place for our church. Words could not describe the excitement we have. everywhere we go people are offering to help or sharing a story with us of how Gods is leading them to help in some way. It amazes me the way the Lord can conduct everything perfectly. Just the other night we had a man explain to us how he was about to move to Orrington/Bangor area just to have a calvary church to go to. (not that it is about calvary chapel) and then he heard about this movement of God. I know that the Lord has HUGE plans. Even as Josh Amy Greg and I were cleaning today we had a man stop in and stayed for 40 mins or so. He was an old friend of Josh's and who was asking all kinds of questions and said that we wanted to come to a Saturday night study some time Even though we did not leave that building and we had the doors shut just cleaning God is bringing people to this place! There is so much more to come. Hopefully I will be able to take a camera next time and post some pictures, but for now, I ask for your continued prayers for God to be softening the hearts of those to be reached there and that He would use us to share His unconditional love to a lost and dieing city.
Grace and Peace

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calais Update: November 2010

I know that I am so bad at keeping a blog but this is the only way to tell everyone about the things going on. That said, I want to let you all know the recent activity regarding this church plant.
ON October 23rd Greg and I went to look at a building in Calais.
Josh noise told us about it the previous day. It is an old restaurant and it is in an old house. We went kind of skeptical. The building would be prefect for us. We met with the owner and he filled us in on the building and the details. when you walk in there is a bar. which could be used as an information station or children's sign in area. they have 3 big rooms somewhat open to each other down stairs just past the bar. There are 2 bathrooms on that floor as well(a mens and a womens)

Upstairs there is a full bathroom, and 3 HUGE rooms they would be great for children's ministry.
there is also a kitchen as well down stairs which is great. I dont know if i told you all yet or not but Steve Brown and also our church want o support us.
We finally (trying not to get our hopes up knowing it is an industrial building, and not know how much this guy would ask for it) we asked. He said that if we wanted to rent it for Saturdays nights only, he would give it to us for only $200.00 a month!!! With that he said that if someone else came along and wanted to rent it for the full price than he would have to give us the boot but would give us a good deal of notice. He told us to rent the building monthly everyday he charges $1,400.00 Yikes! Then he told us that if WE wanted to do that he would give it to us for only $700.00 per month. I dont know why he would feel compelled to do that. Anyway we had a board meeting last night and Josh Noise was there as well, and they made a decision. Should we rent it for 200 or 700? Aaron has been praying alot so have we and he feels that right now we should just rent it for the Saturday nights to start. Then he said that if we show him we are clean and tidy and take good care of it, we may gain some favor from him and maybe even be able to knock down some walls. He said he is not calling himself a prophet but this is what he feels the Lord has told him.

We are SO excited to finally get this going. It feel like it has been so long. But the Lords timing is always best and we know that. He has brought us this building now and a great price! MCF and LCF will only have to fork out $100.00 each month which is amazing!

Greg and I plan to move there in the spring as well. Pleas keep this in your prayers? I know God is going to move in that place and we are so excited to be a part of it.

That all for now.

Monday, October 4, 2010


So Riley has taken to a new fancy. anything that can be put around her neck or on her neck...does. She LOVES necklaces.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naughty things no.1

This is only one of Many I am sure I will be posting. Instead of getting mad, I have decided to just take pictures when she gets away with things behind my back. Don't get me wrong she still will be instructed and disciplined if needed but this way later when she is older I can show her how naughty she was. haha.

Do you need comfort?

This morning as I was sitting outside praying and seeking the Lord. I told God how I loved Him, but that I always have this thing inside that tries to make me believe that I am not really saved...or that I am not in the Lord's will. I feel like I am always in this place where I KNOW that God is real, I see Him working in my life and in people all around me. I see His joy. I see him create feelings and actions in people that would NEVER come naturally to us.

I can't seem to get passed this. Then as I was sharing what was in my heart to the Lord he spoke. OH HE SPOKE!!! I love how He always does. He always answers. Not matter how immature the question I have or how silly it may be, He always answers me! He loves me that much.

Do you ever really think about how staggering it is that God who made the world that we live in...FOR REAL speaks to us individually?!? Excuse me? Well that is the place I was in after I heard what He had to say. Side note: I get so frustrated that I am still thinking this way, because yes the Lord always gives me what I need to believe and to trust Him but its like "Man if I could get passed this...He could be showing me deeper things" Do you know what I mean? Do I sound like a complete immature fool??

Anyway. As I sat there The verse about faith comes to my head... Its like the Lord said to me... "Briana...what is faith?" And I pull out my "textbook" answer and say. "Well Lord, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen."
So i thought about is the substance of things HOPED for. that was my revelation. To you it may sound simple. Its something we Hope for. Based off of evidence and substance. We trust and Hope. That is my faith. thats what I do everyday. I have hope and trust in Him. Hope and trust are not just things you acquire but they are based off of what you see and know. Its written in our hearts. Its written in my heart. I believe, and I hope and trust in God. period!

Then He blesses us with His still small voice. He answers our prayers. He fills our hearts with some much joy, in a joyless world. These to me are just more evidence that there is a God. One true God. He is real. AND THAT IS WHY I WORSHIP HIM.

BY the way I was reading Isaiah chapter 51. I think it is my new favorite. "The LORD comforts Zion"

Isaiah 51 :6 "Lift up your eyes to the heavens,And look on the earth beneath. For the heavens will vanish away like smoke, The earth will grow old like a garment, And those who dwell in it will die in like manner; But my salvation will be forever,And MY righteousness will not be abolished."