Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calais update 2010

Well we now hold the keys in our hands to a building for our soon to be meeting place for our church. Words could not describe the excitement we have. everywhere we go people are offering to help or sharing a story with us of how Gods is leading them to help in some way. It amazes me the way the Lord can conduct everything perfectly. Just the other night we had a man explain to us how he was about to move to Orrington/Bangor area just to have a calvary church to go to. (not that it is about calvary chapel) and then he heard about this movement of God. I know that the Lord has HUGE plans. Even as Josh Amy Greg and I were cleaning today we had a man stop in and stayed for 40 mins or so. He was an old friend of Josh's and who was asking all kinds of questions and said that we wanted to come to a Saturday night study some time Even though we did not leave that building and we had the doors shut just cleaning God is bringing people to this place! There is so much more to come. Hopefully I will be able to take a camera next time and post some pictures, but for now, I ask for your continued prayers for God to be softening the hearts of those to be reached there and that He would use us to share His unconditional love to a lost and dieing city.
Grace and Peace


  1. So awesome!!! :) Praying for you guys! can't wait to come sometime! love u!

  2. Thats so cool Bri. I am praying for you