Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My family has always been very close...I think that is mostly obvious to other people around us. As life moves on...things change. I am finding this is not always an easy transition. We used to get together almost every Sunday at mom and dad's for lunch and we would laugh our guts out ,play games, eat... eat... and eat again. So if anything new happened or changed it was always easy to keep people "caught up?"
These days it is not so easy. The distance between us has widened, we only see each other during major events for the most part. We are spread all over the state of Maine and its hard to remember what it is you told who last...am I making any sense?
On top of it all my family is HUGE. Huge I may say. MY sister Kelsey just got married. that makes 6 out of 7 married. SEVEN. My twin brother (the last to be married) will be wed January 1st. that makes 7 children, seven children in-laws, and 12 grand children. Add Jess and Sam
(adopted daughter and husband) Mom and Dad and you Have a grand total of..............30 people.
30 people to try and share everything new that is going on in your life with. Its hard. I hate that I cant keep up. If I tried I would be on the phone for almost the entire day...if I kept in touch with everyone. I totally understand that I myself dont get calls from each of them.
I guess we have heaven to look forward to...sigh.

Mom and Dad are planning to move and we seem to be spreading farther and farther apart. Riley knows the kids at church better that her own cousins, Aunties and Uncles. Its sad to me...

Boo hoo. So goes life.


  1. Oh Bri, this makes me so sad, and yet I know that we are all where God has called us to be. I am amazed at His provision in giving us a spiritual family wherever we are, and the closeness and familiarity that we can share with "new family". That of course, will never change the connection we have as blood family, but can make the days and years apart sweeter and full of joy and love. I love you and miss you.