Sunday, May 9, 2010

My brain as of now

I have a romping headache! I just want it to be bedtime. I am exhausted due to having a 9 month old (those of you who are moms can sympathize)

Today is mothers day and as I have recently become a mom I am still used to making some cheesy card for MY mom. and dont really think about the fact that I now am participating in the celebration of being a mom. Well its official now I am a mom. Gregory blessed my heart today so much! He surprised me with a dozen roses and the most beautiful card I have ever seen. Most of them are lame and so general but this one was wonderful. I am so thankful for him.

*I did not expect anything today at all.

Greg is at church tonight I wanted to go but cant because we were out all day and Riley did not take a good nap.

The team that went to Honduras are sharing tonight I so badly wanted to go!

Also now that my sweet daughter has gotten older and to the point where she is uncertain around people she is not used to I have not been able to do anything or go anywhere with out her! I love her and dont want to leave her but can a mom just sit through one service? LOL

I am not trying to complain at all just sharing some of my thoughts.

Happy mothers day.

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