Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Calais Update September 2010

Our latest (for those of you who have been asking) Is that we are going to be moving to Calais in the Spring. The Lord spoke to Greg about the timing and, I asked the Lord to show me too. :) I trust Greg but I really wanted the Lord to confirm it to me too. May sound like I don't trust him but I really do. ha ha. God is always faithful to speak to us when we listen to him and humbly ask him to speak. I started going through Isaiah a while back and have kind of come and gone to it as i pleased ...sometimes i would just read a psalm or a proverb some days. Ever do that? But I asked Him to show me and then felt like He was directing me back to Isaiah( It had been a few weeks since I had read there) So I picked up where I left off. It was Isaiah 41:9-20 It starts off saying "But you Israel are my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen... and all through out the rest it says, "do not fear, do not be afraid" And how God has chosen us. I didn't feel afraid when Greg told me but I have a feeling that these will comfort my heart in the future. IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW CLEAR GOD SPEAKS I WOULD READ THE SECTION I TOLD YOU ABOUT. It is so amazing. At the end when I was sitting there baffled at where I "just so happened" to read,and where I "just so happened" to leave off. I was just praying things like "Lord this was written so long ago to a specific group of Your chosen people, do I apply this to my situation now?" I have The Word For Today Bible, on this specific section Chuck had a box basically saying how he wanted us to apply this to our lives today. "I want you to hear the promises of this verse as if God is speaking It to you personally right now" Thats EXACTLY what it said, and more too.

Then just last week I was remembering reading all of this and calling Greg at work in tears so blessed that the God of the universe spoke to ME because I asked Him to. I started to doubt it all. Then at church on Sunday Aaron taught about the "putting out of the fleece" Testing God... and how we are so foolish sometimes that we doubt and ask for another sign...I hope this is not too discombobulated. Any way moral of the story is that it has been confirmed that we are supposed to move in the spring.
We would SO value your prayers. there are still things that need to be worked out. like for instance...

-Job for my husband
-A place to live

You all know what it takes to uproot a family and plant them some where else.
Please pray for us. We covet your prayers.


  1. Wow Bri, such exciting stuff. I can't wait to see how the LORD pulls it all together. We are praying for you. Love you.