Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two years and counting.

I just wanted to take the time to encourage any newly weds and also share how good the Lord really is. The first year of marriage is so full of joy but also has some very difficult times as well. I am sure you all agree...?
Greg and I recently celebrated our second anniversary!! I cant believe it has been that long. I was told by so many people that its hard when you first get married but i didn't think it would be like that for US. Ha ha! Thats funny. Here is why I thought it was challenging. You have to learn EVERYTHING about your spouse. Things that you cant learn until you are living together. I learned I can say something that is not disrespectful or hurtful or rude at all. BUT the tone that I say it in can change everything!!! I said EVERYTHING. You learn how to talk to them, what tone to say things in, how to ask certain questions with out making them feel stupid, pet peeves they may have. (ie banging your tooth brush on the side of the sink over and over and over because they dont want the water to stay in there) LOL. There are so many different things. They crack me up.

This blog is not to say all the things I learned but to let people who may be discouraged in their marriage or maybe even wanting out. First of all a marriage wont last if it is not centered on the Lord and both people are seeking Him first and filled with the Holy Spirit. With out that it will NEVER be what God intended marriage to be. It is a picture of the intimate relationship that we should all have or do have with the Lord. To know someone in every way possible. An intimate relationship no one else has to know someone body,soul, and spirit. It really is a beautiful thing.

We have been just blown away at how blessed our marriage is. We are growing so close to each other and the Lord. You begin to master each other in every way. Discovering what blesses them most and how to encourage them. The things they need to hear everyday...other than "I love you" You can read them. This all gets better over time. Why do you think all those couples who have been together for 50+ years know what they other is going to say or even what they are thinking. Oh to be devoted to your love for a life time. to be faithful and committed to them not only in your actions but in your mind. With the fear of God.

Marriage is AWESOME! I would never triad it for the world.

Thank the Lord for His grace and mercy to allow us to be blessed with such an amazing gift as men and women.


  1. I Love You For writing This! and the tooth BRUSH THING!!!! OOOOOHHH JEEEZZEEEE ;) HAHA! what a silly hubby I got but I love him more then anything and wouldn't change any of the craziness of the pass 2 months! :) The up's and down's are what makes the marriage happen and its choices of how we all handle it...and The Lord is the real strength in the marriage...not our own will.

    The biggest thing that I have learned so far is def. the tone of how you say something but also just taking time to be with the other person. Spending REAL quality time together.

    I just finished the 5 love language's book and it truly has blessed me to read that and think how I can bless jon and try to figure out what "love language" he speaks the most! I think I have figured it out and will continue to investigate! Its actually kinda fun to spend everyday just investigating your husband (or wife) and then doing things that they dont expect just to see their reactions (good things!-to see them smile) Marriage has been the biggest blessing in my life so far! Praise the Lord!

  2. So, which of you is the toothbrush fiend? My husband does that, and I don't understand the logic. Three silent snapping shakes is just plenty.

  3. Christina StrawbridgeSeptember 23, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    LOL I must admit, I am the one who bangs my toothbrush! Marriage is crazy, exciting, and most of all challenging. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything, but it certainly stretches me!!!

    I have learned so much not only about my husband, but about myself! It has given me such a better picture of God and his patience and grace. And I'm only a couple months in!

  4. Greg bangs his toothbrush, i don't know if i do anything weird. there is always one in the bunch.